Become A Jockey Futsal

“He’s the hell sambilannya so Jockey Futsal”

It was the words of my friends Office, even has become a nickname for me:) temen I was inspired from the term Jockey 3 in 1.
Jockey futsal here, it seems to me almost the same like Jockey 3 in 1 (Jakarta residents certainly know this term), even the reply in Jakarta, according to some assumptions of society has become a profession. 3 in 1 is the local regulations concerning the obligation for a car for berpenumpang a minimum of 3 people or more. Perda No. 12 of 2003 about traffic and Road Transport is effective from 7:00-10:00 a.m and from 16.00-20.00.

The difference between reply Jockey 3 in 1, in large part because of economic factors, indeed they volunteered be passengers paid in order for motorists traveling on the 3 in 1 is not dealing with the police. Equally mutual benefits.

Well my reply so Jockey futsal because the demands of hobby. Within a week, it felt weird kalo ga main futsal hehehe. A lot of friends who invite play futsal with their team. The reason is because it takes quite a lot of futsal players, a minimum of 10 players. Not easy to collect 10 player. Because the average friend who invites me playing is employees in the company. Not all hobbies main futsal and not all of them have free time to play futsal. As a result they needed an extra player.207

I happen to have a spare time to play futsal. Although the technique of playing futsal I wasn’t very good, but still they invited me to play even if there is sparing any time I’m asked. Be my player calls or my friend said Jockey futsal. Not only that, I usually play futsal 2-3 hours. Kalo just the main one, is not satisfied. Usually after playing an hour and it’s also become a Jockey, I await the next main team in the futsal field or in another field. Once wrote their lack of players too and invite me to join them.

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Become a Jockey futsal turns many experienced also by my friends and some of them have a different version of me. One of them, there’s a friend of mine because it was so much a hobby playing futsal, kalo no exercises with his friends, he came to one of the futsal field rental then with complete outfits to play futsal while pretending to wait for his friend to exercise. There are usually only a lack of players and teams are invited to play. So deh Jockey futsal. Yet another story of my friends on this one, with the technique of futsal owned above average, she is often invited to join futsal futsal tournament or sparing. Nah kalo who is usually there are paid so can dapet two advantages, hobbies and make money.

I am sure readers, particularly those who have experienced certainly futsal hobby situation above. Or the above story could be an inspiration to keep playing futsal.

Bravo futsal …

For people who have a hobby of shopping, surely know this one term “KW”.

KW is a word that means the quality or the abbreviation of the word a connotation of the quality the same as the “imitation”.

Same with other merchandise, futsal shoes no doubt also has category KW. I will explain a bit about the various categories, among others: KW Super, KW1, KW2 and so on. KW Super mean quality (artificial) most flattering because approaching the quality of the original. While lower ranking means KW1 onwards to KW2. The lower level of the KW, then also the cheaper the price offered. Like the slogan says “there is a price, there is quality”


By having this category makes the market share for futsal shoes KW is very promising. The reason is of course the buyer prefer the cheaper price though kwalitasnya is lower than the original. Do we buy shoes with futsal KW, thus we can not play futsal …???? I am one of the users shoes futsal KW Super, but still I was able to play futsal with my friend until now. Except those who indeed prestige shoes KW.

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Some also argue that the shoe not durable KW futsal let alone if we wear it too often. Here we are required to think intelligently, if we can take care of futsal shoes KW with a good and correctly (see here Futsal Shoes caring Tips) I’m sure shoe will be durable and resistant even though we wear everyday.

Let’s say we were able to buy the original/original futsal shoes, however if not cared for properly and correctly, within the next few months will be quickly damaged. Based on experience, I had 3 more years, can still be wearing shoes with quality KW futsal Super. Even the shoes have been following some of the futsal tournament.

Now back into ourselves. Whether we are able to take care of stuff KW we have, especially futsal shoes.


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