Should Son Heung-min became a Pure Striker?

His absence due to injury of Harry Kane becomes a blessing made Son Heungminof South Korea origin winger it becomes the star of Tottenham Hotspur in the Premier League.
Authors: Dian Savitri
In fact, the person who diproyeksi to replace Kane is a player with a pure striker, Vincent Janssen. However, that’s not what happened.
Son thus became the top scorer for the Spurs until the end of the seventh week, 2 last October. Son had already made four goals in the Premier League, plus one in the Champions League.
Kane‘s only two goals in the Sepatu Specs Premier League, while Janssen thus can not break the egg. Netherlands striker was recently made one League Cup goal since moving from AZ Alkmaar last summer.
The position of the original Son is a winger who operates on the left side of the field. Instead of the original strikers. When he made the goal, each of the two goals against Stoke City and Middlesbrough, the Son was put on as a left-wing, not a striker.
Exception when Spurs faced CSKA Moskva on matchday 2 UEFA Champions League.Son scored the winning goal after changing the position of being the sole striker; Janssen replaced Georges-Kevin N’Koudou.
Should Son Heung-min became a Pure Striker?
Lastly, perform against Manchester City (2/10/2016), when Spurs won 2-0, the Son failed to score a goal. Just make one assists for delegation of Alli.
Whereas, in that game, Son is turning into a single striker position. Janssen just entered on the 90th minute to replace him.
However, in a position where he will be on the rest of the League later, Son showedprogress compared to last season. In the summer of 2015-2016, Son could only scored a total of eight goals, including four goals in 28 appearances in the Premier League.
The same with the four goals that he had made this season in four games.
Two Factors
Fitness be the key of the current appearance of the Son. Last season the players birth-8 July 1992 it made three goals in the home game against Manchester City, September 2015, where Spurs won 4-1.
After that, the Son suffered a leg injury. Absent for six weeks, Son back play. However, until May when the season ended, the Son was declared never fit 100 percent because the injury was.
4th goal he made last season was at the last home game against Southampton. Spurs lost 1-2.
“When I started the season well. Then injury. It turns out that recovery takes a long time. That time I am still in the process towards 100%, “says Son was quoted as saying from ESPN.
2015-2016 season done, Son participated in defense of his country at the Olympic Games in Rio. He was very sad when Korea was eliminated in the quarterfinals.
However, in the event that Son thus back fit perfectly. Ready to start the newseason.
This season, the average Son ran 10 km on the match against Stoke City, Sunderland and Middlesbrough. It is still far less than the delegation of Alli, Erik Lamela, and Christian Eriksen, who ran more than 12 km from weekend to weekend.
However, the 10 km it is progress for the Son since last season he ran no more than9 km.
The return of confidence is also a factor. Son not only made the threat to the opponent, but also make confused the opponent Defender.
For example, when the Spurs face Sunderland, 18 last September. Jason Denayer, Sunderland Defender, made dizzy because of the direct running and ability of the Sonis using both legs.
He can create goals with the left and right legs. Son of hard work. Will riot when adefender has to take care of her, “said Sepatu Specs Terbaru Spurs Defender Jan Vertonghen, following the game against Sunderland, in which the Son made two goals.
Mauricio Pochettino, Manager of Spurs, have time until October 15, to determine whether the Son will keep playing as a left winger or a striker.
Different from the case when suddenly Janssen began making goals in the Premier League and Kane returned to play after the break until 7 November.
Jargon don’t change the winning team (don’t change a winning team) is a guidelinewhich is still held Jose Mourinho. It is also applied at Manchester United.
Author: Sem Bagaskara
This season, Mourinho has twice recorded maintain order starter his team. The incident first appeared in the second and third weekend Premier League 2016-2017.
The combination of the initial eleven teams that bend Southampton (2-0) appeared again on the following weekend when they reap Jose at the headquarters of Hull City (1-0). Mourinho returns do not tamper with the arrangement of players on the sixth and seventh weekend against Leicester (4-1) and Stoke (1-1).
Consistency is the key to Mourinho towards the the trophy. Similar recipe he used when dropping off Chelsea to win the Premier League title in 2014-2015.

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