Inter Mendambakan Diego Simeone

AC Milan do not undergo a good weekend. Unclear and terealisasinya takeover from a consortium of Chinese origin (GSR Capital) for the majority of the shares of the Club led to a lot of things are dormant.


Author: Rizki Senses Sofa


Media-media Italy like Tuttosport, La Stampa, Repubblica claims process or share purchase of the Club by a group under the leadership of Chinese businessman Wu, Sonny, that’s not going to happen in the near future.


In other words, expectations get fresh funds kucuran, called reach 100 million euros for the player only, stock transfer this summer should be suspended.


If the player and the success over the field had a straight line of continuity, then Milan certainly difficult to return to the heyday.


The Champions Cup/Champions League seven times it’s been three seasons is not playing at the highest club competition in Europe.


Achievements in the field, or in other words the failure of grazing in the LC, make Milan also never able to attract interest in the soccer world, that in fact can change your luck on top of the field.


Logically reversible. Financial robustness can also make the players putting green stars want in Milan. Their existence could improve achievement I the Rossoneri.




Factors of their appearance in the European club means the guarantee of satisfaction for the long-term major sponsors such as Adidas and Emirates inasmuch as their product be seen globally.


Gazzetta report said that until the end of 2015, Milan is still the largest grossing team from sponsor jersey in Italy.


They get about 27 million euro (equivalent to 391 billion dollars) per year from Adidas.


From the Emirates, the Treaty of cooperation over the past five years that was inaugurated in late 2014, ensure the Rossoneri earn 85 million euros.


Nonetheless the inability of Milan meet their own targets for grazing in the European club competitions recognized management cornered position Club in the eyes of the business partners they are.


This situation which is expected to be repaired by a new coach, Vincenzo Montella, through the help of achievement above the field.


Slowly but surely, the failure of significant achievement is very detrimental. There are moments in which the sponsor became very upset, “said Marketing Director Milan, Jaap Kalma, at MilanLive.


On the plus side, all is still well. Milan as brand still attracts the interest of sponsors.Apart from a few cases, sponsors still want to carry on working, “he said again.


Whatever the outcome of the meeting happened in the management of Inter with Roberto Mancini on Tuesday (26/7) night in the United States or Indonesia time Wednesday morning. To be sure, the current Inter already envision the existence of Diego Simeone behind the wheel of the team.


Author: Graceful Pratama


The meeting in the U.S. is related to question the future of Roberto Mancini at Inter.New management Il Biscione, the Giant Snake, which has been ruled by the SuningGroup would like to straighten out a lot of things, especially the related stock transfer and also the future direction of the team.


It is very likely the result of the meeting it issued a decision that Inter will not add to the duration of the contract, which expires end of Mancini this season. Mancini could resume his job now, or chose to resign.


Whatever its origin, Mancio options remain to Diego Simeone. After his contract runs out, Inter will surely create a flat-out get Simeone in summer 2017.


Inter have to spend huge compensation given Diego Simeone was already committing yourself in the letter of agreement with the applicable Atletico until June 2020.


When Mancini chose to retreat or fired, Inter will surely select tie coach who wants just contracted season. The choice of sticking is Leonardo Araujo, coach of Inter in 2010-2011.


Any results obtained Mancini or maybe Leonardo, Inter back in the ide create the proposal Simeone.


In time, Simeone will surely return to Inter,” said Vice President of Inter, Javier Zanetti.

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