Keita Made assurances in Lazio

Until the weekend, Lazio had already played four tests pramusim. Team Eagle always picking the winner.
Author: Dwi Widijatmiko
Consecutive Biancoceleste beat Auronzo 19-0 (13/7/2016), Brazil 6-0 Team (5/7), Padova 2-1 (20/7) and Spal 4-3 through penalty shootout on Saturday yesterday.
There are conclusions that can be drawn from a series of trials that Lazio. Coach Simone Inzaghi was never out of the existing 4-33.
Certainly that was the pattern that will be used at the 2016 season Lazio/17.
Inzaghi is already wearing the formation it when addressing the team in seven games last season in Serie A yesterday.
Inzaghi also relatively not much alter the composition of the starter. There are six players that always start the match since the first four minutes of the trial.
They are goalkeeper Etrit Berisha, central defender Wesley Hoedt, Defender StefanRadu, midfielder Senad Lulic, left right attacker Ricardo Kishna, as well as striker FilipDjordjevic.214
However, it does not mean the position of the six players already secure in the ranks of the starter when the real competition was held.
Because the Lazio Squad, not yet complete. Philip Anderson is still injured. He will be a heavy contender Kishna on right wing.
Stefan Radu also would confront dangers in the form of refusing to Jordan. This new Belgium midfielder bought from Lazio Oostende on July 22, yesterday. He’s worth quite expensive, that is 5 million euros, so that would shame if only dibangkucadangkan.
Djordjevic arguably the most insecure because Lazio is now already have a Ciro Immobile. Serie B top scorer 2011 Serie A/12 and 2013/14 seems to be preferred as the number one striker Inzaghi Gli Aquilotti.
Goalkeeper Federico Marchetti and midfielder Antonio Candreva also needs to be called. Both of them have yet to return from holiday extras after defending Italy in Euro 2016.
Marchetti and Candreva could be sold to another Club Lazio. But, if you persist, they could unseat Berisha and Kishna as a starter.
Lazio’s trial will continue on Sunday (31/7/2016). Sky blue team would face the Brighton & Hove Albion.
The name Keita Diao Balde already existed in the senior team of Lazio since 2013. The 2016-17 season, Senegalese origin was finally an attacker could potentially enter into the ranks of the starter Gli Aquilotti.
Author: Dwi Widijatmiko
Diao Balde Keita is its founders came Lazio Academy in 2011-2013. Earlier, he also defended Barcelona’s junior team. So, quality is clearly above average.
However, Keita became stable player specialist upholstery since promotion to the senior team in 2013. Last season, he recorded the play 30 times in the League, but 16of them as a substitute.
The situation already makes it refuse to follow start pramusim 2016-17. Moreover, Lazio had pointed to Marcelo Bielsa as coach of substitute Simone Inzaghi.
“I decided put off coming to ritiro (concentration exercises). I loved this costume, but could no longer accept the way they treated me. A lot of promise, but nothing happened, “so the whistle players aged 21 years it on Twitter.
However, now that Keita would probably change his attitude. It according to mangkirnya Bielsa on July 8. He left the post of coach of Lazio just two days after being appointed to possess it!215
Lazio switched again to Inzaghi. The figure of the young coach‘s brother Filippo Inzaghi is supposed to be able to convince Keita that she will play an important role in the upcoming competition.
Inzaghi deal with Lazio on seven of the party‘s last League last season. He replacedStefano Pioli who fired. In seven matches, only once Keita did not become a starter.And that’s because he was exposed to the accumulated cards.
Keita made Inzaghi as the attackers left wing in formation 4-33. The allenatore already asking clubs to trying to maintain Keita.
Keita is the players who really want to make me the focus. He gave us the opportunity to open up opportunities. Lazio must do everything to ensure he survives here,“said Inzaghi to Football Italy.
Last season’s statistics to justify the statement of Inzaghi. Although not always a starter, Keita creating 40 opportunities. The figure was the number two of the best on the team, only losing to Lucas Biglia.
Keita even outperformed the pillars starter range of Antonio Candreva, Marco Parolo, and Philip Anderson.
This time, Keita was already present in ritiro Lazio. He immediately became a starterin the trials against Padova, when Lazio won 2-1 (20/7). However, Keita absent in recent tests against Spal (24/7).
There are very few physical problems and we don’t want to take the risk of playing it. Starting Tuesday, he will be ready to graze again, “said Inzaghi.

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