Buffon Target So the main Goalkeeper at the age of 40

Juventus will contest the semifinals AS Monaco melawna tickets. Massimiliano Allegri urges any child asuhnya not to make mistakes in the two-leg quarter-finals Francerepresentative of counterargument.
We played for a ticket to the semi-finals of the UEFA Champions League. We highlyrespect the opponent at hand. Monaco had the best defense in the League of France and only conceded one goal in the group phase, “said Allegri.
“We have to be patient and concentration. They have a great combination of youngand experienced players also had to get rid of Arsenal, Benfica, and Zenit, “he said.
Sometimes we have to take many more steps and a little bit probably made a mistake. Because more than 180 minutes if you make a mistake, then you will get a heavy punishment, “he added.
The return leg match of the UEFA Champions League quarter-final I between Juventus against AS Monaco will take place in the Juventus Stadium, Wednesday (15/4). The party of the determination will be rolling in the Monaco Headquarters on April 23.
Juventus and national team goalkeeper, Gianluigi Buffon, Italy expresses the magnitude of the target at the end of the career of football. 37-year-old goalie that wants to continue to be a top-tier players up to the age of 40.
To be able to achieve them, trying to keep her mental and physical condition in order not too is decreasing with age. This has been attested at the age he is currently currently very old as a football player.
“If I continue to be on this level physically and mentally, I can guarantee will remain in the top level in two or three years,” said Buffon told L ‘ Équipe.
I am not a second player, I want to continue to be the number one player until theage of 40. I want to get my experience in the rest of my career the best way and showing it. Even at the age of 37 or 38 years old I still became a goalkeeper.
“If I told you that I don’t think about the World Cup in Russia, then I definitely lying.I have set big targets themselves, although there are still three more years and in my current age, it will demand a lot.
There are many reasons why Juventus are entitled to bear the status of your favorite team in a quarter-final duel I counter the UEFA Champions League AS Monaco on Tuesday (2/4). The first reason is capital Milan as the host in the first game in a Stadium.
I Bianconeri (Black-White) have always provided outstanding energy saban mentas in public himself. In the UEFA Champions League (LC), Juventus never yield in the crate since 2013/14 season.
I Bianconeri (Black-White) have always provided outstanding energy saban mentas in public himself. In the UEFA Champions League (LC), Juventus never yield in the crate since 2013/14 season. If the include action in various official pageant, the Bianconeri just lost once in 51 total enclosure of the party since the last season!
That is to say, the chance to steal the victory in Monaco j.-Stadium according to note it was just less than two percent! However, guts Monaco indirect ciut.
Juventus is one of the best teams. They had a top-quality player with a strong cohesion, but we know how to reverse the prediction, “said Monaco coach, Leonardo Jardim, on the website of UEFA.216
At Stadio Olimpico, Lazio win over Empoli 4-0 on Sunday night GMT (12/4).
Three nicks from Stefano Mauri, Miroslav Klose, and Antonio Candreva on Act I come close-range shots goals scored by Felipe Anderson after the break. The phenomenal results make Lazio for being their eighth, scoring Jose streak in Serie a.
The record of eight consecutive victories that equaled the club record with legendary coach Tommaso Maestrelli,, in 1972/73 and Delio Rossi in the 2006/07 season.
José Mauri bak was in seventh heaven. Not many teenagers aged 18 years can become a decisive victory against the top Club team.
Mauri scored a single victory Parma over Juventus, pemuncak standings Saturday (11/4).
Today is the happiest day in my life. I still can’t believe it, but my goal will be imprinted on the history books, “said Mauri at Sky Sport Italy.
Mauri, who this season is his debut in the senior team, had a pretty good performance. Not surprisingly, Argentina-born midfielder‘s future continued to be discussed.
Recently, the Agency has said Arsenal Mauri bid for him.
Given the current economic difficulties of Parma, the Club’s not impossible sell penggawa junior national team in Italy at the end of the 2014/15.
“I focus on Parma until June. After that, we’ll see what happens, “said Mauri.

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