Torres Said the reason went from Liverpool and Join Chelsea

The Manchester United manager, Jose Mourinho, is apparently still not satisfied with the performance of his team’s back line. Reported by The Sun, Tuesday (17/8/1999), The Special One aiming for the original Southampton, Defender Jose Fonte.
Known as the Fonte garang players in midfield and defense. We have Whoscored, Portugal-born Player was doing 4 tekel, 2.5 interception, and a clean sweep of 5.3 4 matches at the Euro 2016.
To smooth the transfer process, the Mou is willing to enter the name Marcos Rojo in the sale and purchase contract. Argentina-born players that have gotten the green light from the Mou to look for a new Club.226
But two years ago, Southampton is one of the Club’s goalkeepers Rojo, however they lost in the hunt after the player opted to join United.
Fonte 32-year-old appreciated by 8 million pounds ($ 136.73 billion) by the management of The Saints. But it will be difficult to transfer process is realized because the Manager of Southampton, Claude Puel, still need the Fonte di heart The Saints defense.
Fonte has six season defending Southampton after being purchased from Crystal Palace in 2010. Up to now, the 32-year-old Defender has recorded the appearance ofas many as 267 times and contributed 15 goals for The Saints.
If realised, the transfer process will be the fifth player Fonte recruited Manchester United at bursa transfer early season 2016-2017. The Red Devils had previously recruited Defender Eric Bailly (Villarreal), Henrikh Mkhitaryan quarterback (Borussia Dortmund), striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic (PSG), and midfielder Paul Pogba (Juventus).
Fernando Torres openrelated openings his decision go from Liverpool and joined Chelsea in 2011. Spain midfielder has chosen to lift away from Anfield Stadium cannot be separated from the management policy of The Reds.
Digaet from Atletico Madrid in the summer of 2007-2008, Torres immediately stealhearts advocates of Liverpool. He scored 81 goals in 142 appearances throughout the pageant competition.
However in January 2011, Fernando Torres made a surprising decision. The attackernicknamed El Nino this chose to leave Chelsea with a transfer value reached 50 million pounds sterling ($ 854 billion).
His decision when it makes supporters of Liverpool‘s wrath. Liverpudlian busy-busy burning jersey Torres and calls her a traitor.
After five years had passed, Torres finally reveals the reason for leaving Liverpool. Players 32 years it claimed to go from The Reds is not simply because of his desire, but also due to the Club’s management policy.
After five years of running up to now and they are still trying to build the Club at the same position since I went. I regarded as traitors. But the problem is not like that, “explains Torres.227
Damien Comolli (member of the Board of Directors of the Club) told me if the new owners (FSG) has a new idea to question investment clubs. They want to bring in young players to build the Club’s new face, “he continued.
“I then think it takes time for a bit. The possibility could be two, three, four or even 10 years. I’ve got no time again. The time I was 27 years old. I can hardly wait to want to grab the title, imbuh Torres.
Alas, the career of Fernando Torres alongside Chelsea does not run smooth. He was only able to scored 45 goals in 172 appearances throughout the pageant competition. As a result, he was getting a label as one of the worst transfers in the winter.
However, Torres also help Chelsea achieve the title champion of the Champions League, FA Cup, and UEFA Europa League.
Philippe Coutinho scintillating performance with Liverpool on the opening weekend of the Premier League 2016-2017 gets praise from Emile Heskey. Former national team striker United Kingdom was unsure if Coutinho would like with Lionel Messi andCristiano Ronaldo.
Coutinho plays since the early minutes when The Reds meets Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium, Sunday (14/8/2016). Throughout the game, Brazil midfielder was often troublesome ranks behind The Gunners.
Based on statistics reported by the Whoscored, Coutinho was able to release the three shots on target. The chances of the three, two of which were successful at breaking into Arsenal’s goal in 46 minutes and 56. Even the golnya 46 was created through the execution of free kicks.
Liverpool finally lock the victory with the score 4-3. Two goals into The Red squadsAdam Lallana 49 minutes and Sadio Mane 63 minutes. Meanwhile, Arsenal created three goals on behalf of Theo Walcott (31 ‘), Alex OxladeChamberlain (64 ‘), and Calum Chambers (75 ‘).
With the skill to cultivate increasing his short-lived career, Philippe Coutinho believed would increasingly shine. Moreover, he’s still 24 years old.

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