5 star players who disposed of Pep Guardiola

New Manchester City Manager, Pep Guardiola, making the controversial decision bybacking up Joe Hart in the opening match of the Premier League and Toure Yaya does not include in The squad that will compete in Citizes UEFA Champions League. Speculation about the two stars will be hengkangnya any spread.
At the beginning of his arrival, Guardiola said, he believes the present squad. Hart has become the main goalkeeper of the Club since the last few years was one of the important players of the Club.
The appearance of the scintillating together City made Hart as the number one goalkeeper of the national team of the United Kingdom. However, Hart’s performance unsatisfactory on the 2016 European Championship made the Pick is not sure to make it as the main goalkeeper of the Club.
I am sure Joe Hart is not thrilled with my decision. Players who are not taken downdoesn’t mean they fired, but I have to choose the players who I think deserve to play, “said Guardiola.225Meanwhile, the case of Yaya Toure, meaning the player has twice removed by the Manager. The first time was when he was still defending Barcelona. This condition may make Yaya Toure regretted after opting to stay at Etihad Stadium
Events experienced by Hart and Yaya Toure is not the first time for the Pick. Earlier, the 45-year-old manager has been getting rid of star players while in Barcelona andBayern Munich.
Here are five players who never discarded Pep Guardiola:
1. Ronaldinho and Deco Souza
PEP Guardiola took the position of Barcelona coach Frank Rijkaard replaced in 2008.At the beginning of his leadership, the first task is compiling a Barcelona squadsquad option. Interestingly, Guardiola said, he does not need Ronaldinho who becomesa key player last season at some clubs.
Guardiola explained, he will build on the Barcelona games by making Lionel Messi as a benchmark. No matter proceed to a Ronaldinho AC Milan by reason of looking for a new challenge. The same condition also experienced midfielder Portugal, DecoSouza.
Deco is not included in the plan of the Pep and are welcome to look for a new Club.Deco decided to move to Chelsea and was at the Club for two seasons. Deco and Ronaldinho is Barcelona when Ronaldo came. However, the status of Astral is not thus make Pep guarantee their place in the main squad.
2. Samuel Eto’o
Samuel Eto’o was a little luckier than his two colleagues, Deco and Ronaldinho. Cameroonian striker is still persisting in the Past on the 2008-09 season. Eto’o even stillbe a member of the main squad and played as much as 52 times throughout the season. Striker Samuel Eto’o is still a lush with 36 touchdowns accounted for in his final season at Camp Nou.
However, entering the 2009-10 season, Eto’o had to accept the fact if himself madea barter instrument to bring Zlatan Ibrahimovic from Inter Milan. Samuel Eto’o, aware that he is no longer a first choice Pick and decided to accept the offer.
3. Zlatan Ibrahimovic
Zlatan Ibrahimovic joined Barcelona in 2009. To bring forth this Sweden origin stars,Champions willing to unleash Samuel Eto’o to Inter Milan. However, hopes of Champions League for Inter Milan striker failed with grouping after he clashed with the players.224
Barcelona is reportedly reluctant to pool area was great with the players. Ibrahimovic showed any pacifist with the coach. At the beginning of the season 2010-11, the player to lend Real Madrid AC Milan because Inter are no longer signed in skuatnya plan.
4. Bastian Schweinsteiger
Guardiola joined Bayern Munich in 2013. He had a chance to preserve the star of Bavaria, one of them is Bastian Schweinsteiger. In 2015, Guardiola decided Schweinsteiger would no longer have a place in the main Squad of Bavaria.
Togetherness for 17 years between Bayern and Schweinsteiger else ends in 2015 after Champions Manchester United to take it off. During handled Pep, Schweinsteigernotes 43 appearances in the Bundesliga.

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