Conte: Tottenham Hotspur Premier League Champions Candidates

The Manager of Tottenham Hotspur, Mauricio Pochettino, impressed by the appearance of a Chelsea unbeaten in six Premier League matches 2016-2017. Without a doubt, Pochettino mentions The Blues is the best team in Europe so far.
“Chelsea are in a very good shape and has a great Manager. They also have great players, “said Pochettino.
Be an advantage because it is not playing in the European competition. They have time to practice and develop a philosophy. Chelsea, not just in the United Kingdombut in Europe, this time into a great team, “said Argentina was the man.
This season Chelsea is indeed only focus on domestic competition. It happened after The Blues could not qualify for the European competition due to finish 10th in the2015-2016 season.228
Nevertheless, the team confirms no trepidation Pochettino tried his powers Chelsea in the 13th week action Premier League 2016-2017 at Stamford Bridge, London, Sunday (27/11/1999). Tottenham had an excess of zeal because so far the only team unbeaten in the Premier League yet.
“Note it should be motivation for us. The action was soon to be a very good challenge for me personally and the players, “said Pochettino.
Tottenham Hotspur currently in fifth position standings with 24 points. The Club nicknamed The Lilywhites that left four digits from Chelsea at the top of the standingswhile the Premier League.
The Chelsea Manager Antonio Conte refer to Tottenham Hotspur as a strong candidate for Premier League title-winning season. According to Conte, The Spurs have great players.
Tottenham Hotspur have a great Manager and young potential players. I think they are the team that develops, “said Conte as reported by the BBC on Friday (25/11/1999).
Tottenham Hotspur could complicate any team in the League. Their Premier League title-winning candidates, “continued the Manager of origin Italy that.
In the next game, Chelsea will entertain Tottenham Hotspur at Stamford Bridge, London, Saturday (26/11/1999). The Blues are currently at the top of the standings with28 points, scoring or winning four points from The Lilywhites that was in the fifth.
“We’re going through a tight game against a strong team. We are very aware of Tottenham Hotspur, “said the former Juventus coach it.
Chelsea is currently located in the best performance. Eden Hazard and coauthors victory streak without conceded in six matches last in the Premier League.
The Manchester United manager, Jose Mourinho, is reportedly The Guardian on Friday (25/11/1999), interested in bringing in midfielder Willian, Chelsea, on stock transfers January 2017.
The proximity of Mourinho and Willian certainly cannot be indisputable. The cause,The Special One to become a figure in the careers of Willian in Chelsea.
Willian would go home Mourinho to Chelsea in 2013. Since then, the golden child being Willian Mourinho and record the action and successful 114 contributed 15 goals and 14 assists.
This season, however, Willian experiencing tough times at Chelsea alongside Manager Antonio Conte. Brazil midfielder that compete with Pedro who inhabit The Blues right wing attacker.229
Willian recorded recently appeared for nine minutes in 622. Mourinho hopes to harness it for they find with former child asuhnya it at Manchester United.
Mourinho is believed to be asking for the Manchester United management to issuea Fund of 40 million pounds to acquire the services of Willian. Strong allegations, Willian prepared to supplement Red Devil offensive creativity from the right-wing sectors.
However, the desire for Mourinho brought Willian predicted will not be easy. This is because the player is still bound to long-term contracts i.e. until June 30, 2020.

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