5 Manchester United Sensation After defeated Feyenoord Rotterdam

Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger, not worried about rumors that call if November was a period of bad luck for the Arsenal. According to Wenger, currently The Gunnersstill are in the right path.


“Let me note, I think there is a special spirit within our squad. We went undefeated for 18 matches. The results showed that our consistency, “said Wenger.


“It all depends on us to continue the match without defeat. However, we must alsochange the draw into victory. So there is no reason to panic, he said.


The negative note Arsenal it began in November 2015-2016 season. During that period, Arsene Wenger‘s squad was only able to grab the one victory in five matches that are made in all competitions. The rest ended up with each of two defeats and a draw.


Bad results it could just happen again on this season. This is because Arsenal have just arrested drew 2-2 by Paris Saint-Germain in the Champions League, Thursday (24/11/2r016).


It is the more minor notes extend The Gunners squad throughout the month of November. Because, from the four matches that have been made, Arsenal is only able to grab the one victory and the rest ended goalless.


Arsenal could break the curse that if it could grab the three points when it meets Bournemouth on advanced weekend Premier League, on Sunday (27/11/1999).


Manchester United reaping the victory 4-0 over Feyenoord Rotterdam on Matchday5 UEFA Europa League group A League 2016-2017, Thursday (24/12/2016) or Friday(25/11/1999) early morning GMT, at the Old Trafford Stadium.


Four goals in Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney through the actions of birth (35 ‘),Juan Mata (69 ‘), suicide, Brad Jones (75 ‘) and Jesse Lingard (90 + 2 ‘). Those results make Manchester United is ranked the 2nd provisional standings Group A with 9 points, one points at loggerheads from the pemuncak, Fenerbahce.


Manchester United will magpies last in order to determine who is entitled to be the champion of the group. Manchester United and Fenerbahce need a victory to be stepping into the next phase with the status of best in group a.


In the last game, away to Manchester United bakal headquarters Zorya Luhansk. Fenerbahce was a guest for Feyenoord. On the other hand, the odds of Manchester United give some awesome stats entry.


The following 5 Manchester United statistics sensation after bending Feyenoord.
The Rare Score Of Jose Mourinho


1. Score a rare Jose Mourinho
The Manchester United manager, Jose Mourinho is reaping record exceptional. The Special One felt the new victory with a big score again.


The last time Jose Mourinho reaped major victory occurred when menukangi Chelsea, exactly a year ago. On 24 November 2015, Mourinho brought Chelsea winning 4-0 over Maccabi Tel Aviv.


This season, Mourinho is already melakoni action 20 along with Manchester United.As a result, he was able to pack the 11 numbers, 4 series and 5 defeat. Note the percentage still worst than kala coached Chelsea (58.8 percent and 67 percent), Real Madrid (71.9 percent) and Inter Milan (62 percent).
Kick Right On Target


2. Kick right on target
At Feyenoord, counterinsurgency action Manchester United recorded 12 shots on target. The performance to be the best all season.


The number of shot to the opponent becomes the largest in 20162017. Earlier, Manchester United never exceeds the number 10 shots on target. Before counterinsurgency action Manchester United, Feyenoord have rataan 4 kicks in right on target perparty in all races of the competition.
Back to Back la Juan Mata


3. Back to Back la Juan Mata
Manchester United’s victory feels special to midfielder Juan Mata. He contributed one goal, while carrying a 4-0 victory.


For Juan Mata. the original Club the Netherlands goalkeeper into the goal before melesak to the nets Arsenal. The eyes are reaping record specials, because subsequently scored two goals, becoming the first time after September 2015.
Henrikh Mkhitaryan Developments


4. Development of Henrikh Mkhitaryan
Manchester United Stadium Feyenoord bend Old Trafford, cannot be separated from the role players midfield. They are able to minimize the attack the opponent.


One of the most outstanding midfielder Henrikh Mkhitaryan was. He recorded threeshots in the first half. The figure into the record because that number is just the same as what does Mkhitaryan in 134 minutes earlier.


Henrikh Mkhitaryan appeared brilliant in midfield. He became stabilised alongside Michael Carrick. His position while propping up the movement of Wayne Rooney, Paul Pogba and Juan Mata.
Sharpness Of Wayne Rooney


5. the sharpness of Wayne Rooney
Wayne Rooney showed tajinya. He was able to pack the one goal against Feyenoordin 35 minutes.


The goal is very special. Thanks to go opening the Manchester United game, Wazzato life.

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