Ibrahimovic: Rooney Manchester United Player Perfect

The former Manchester United midfielder Paul Scholes, insists striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic had already passed through the golden age and can no longer be the mainstay of Manager Jose Mourinho.


Jose Mourinho a while ago revealed Manchester United will extend the duration of the contract for inter. Sweden midfielder had a clause in his contract extension during the season and MU intends to activate it.


Ibrahimovic is a superb athlete. He will be a great example to Marcus Rashford. Butif he continues to be the main striker when he was only 36 years old, I am opposed to the decision, “said Scholes.


The Manchester United attacker currently has the fastest rising young middle, Marcus Rashford. Penetrate the core team MU last season, 19-year-old player was so far33 appearances and create 12 goals.


In some occasions, Rashford reveals she intends continuing studied from Ibrahimovic. United Kingdom-born Player admitted it was often approached from the Brazilianto ask for input at the time of the lunch hour.


Marcus Rashford must see Ibrahimovic as rivals. They play in the same position, soit should be a threat to Rashford Ibrahimovic, “said Scholes.


I support if Rashford wants to learn from the experience of Ibrahimovic, but I see no reason why it should be the main striker Zlatan. Seistimewa whatever Zlatan Ibrahimovic, I still doubted his ability with age that he have at the moment, “said Scholes.


Zlatan Ibrahimovic appeared charmingly when Manchester United grabbed a 4-0 away victory against Feyenoord Rotterdam advanced action on the Europa League group A 2016-2017, Thursday (24/11/1999). Ibrahimovic created an assist for Wayne Rooney goal and make the goalkeeper Brad Jones did a own goal.


The captain of Manchester United, Wayne Rooney, scored a goal against FeyenoordRotterdam advanced action on the Europa League group A 2016-2017, Thursday (24/11/1999). Striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic call Roo as a perfect Red Devils.


Rooney created golnya on 35 minutes through right foot shot from close range after utilizing breakthrough bait Ibrahimovic. This marks 248go to Roo for Manchester United. The next one goal will take Rooney match Manchester United’s record of most goals in European competition that was held by Sir Bobby Charlton.


“Rooney is a fantastic man. I was fortunate to get to know a person like him as a player, there are no words that can describe her ability. He was the perfect player, “saidIbrahimovic.


Everyone knows what he can do and what he has done. I will help him create one goal again. Then, I would see it as a real record, “he added.


Manchester United closed the game with a 4-0 away. The Red Devils goals in the other third were created by Juan Mata (69 ‘), suicide, Brad Jones (75 ‘), and Jesse Lingard (90 + 2 ‘).


This victory made Manchester United were in second position standings while group A with nine points in order. MU left a number of Fenerbahce who are at the top.


“Every trophy is important. It is the reason you play. We want to win trophies from any competition that we follow, “Ibrahimovic dial plan.


“The more the trophy you get, the more good. When you reminisce about his career, you will see how many trophies you’ve collected, “said Zlatan Ibrahimovic.


Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp, said, the Club will always open if Steven Gerrard wants to return to Anfield as a coaching staff.


The door is always open for him to Liverpool (Steven Gerrard). From our perspective, if he wanted to change careers, we want to help him, “said Jurgen Klopp.


In life, you need space for stepping into new things. He is a young player and will continue like that, “said Jurgen Klopp.


Steven Gerrard was officially announced retirement decision on Thursday (24/11/1999). United Kingdom origin players were hanging shoes at the age of 36 years or after a 19-year career in the world of football.


Most of his career He spent in Liverpool. Gerrard initiate gait with The Reds at the age of 18 years.


Gerrard managed to offer nine trophies including the UEFA Champions League 2004-2005. However, up to lift away from Anfield in 2015, Gerrard was unable to help Liverpool in the Premier League title.


Steven Gerrard has been melakoni 710 matches and scoring 186 goals in various event. After leaving Liverpool, Gerrard continued his career in Major League Soccer (MLS) with the United States joined the Los Angeles Galaxy. Along with LA Galaxy, Gerrard melakoni 38 matches scoring five goals.

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