Antonio Conte: Chelsea Obliged To Face Tottenham Hotspur

The Chelsea Manager, Antonio Conte, insists his team victory when mandatory meets Tottenham Hotspur at the weekend of the 13th match of the Premier League at Stamford Bridge, Saturday (26/11/1999).
“On the game tomorrow, it’s important to play good football and have to win the game. You have to right put the passion, but in the right way, not in a bad way. We will see a great duel with two of the best teams, “said Conte.
“They have to be very focused because the match is very tough. Tottenham can be very difficult for any team in the Premier League this season. They can fight to the end to win the title, “he said.
Act as host at game entitled London derby, Chelsea victory sign is great. Of the 29matches last cons Spurs at Stamford Bridge, The Blues were able to grab an 18-11 victory and draw.237
In addition, Chelsea also recorded have grabbed 25 victory against The Lilywhites in the Premier League. For squads London Blue, it was the most victories against fellow United Kingdom clubs.
If successful elections caused three points in this match, Chelsea will remain top of the table while the Premier League. Currently, they are winning elections caused 28 points, one point above Liverpool and Manchester City who are in second place and the third.
Manchester City the other storms back injury, this time befell Sergio Aguero. Origin of the bomber that Argentina complained of pain in his feet and threatened absentwhen the City into the headquarters of Burnley at Turf Moor, Saturday (26/11/1999).
Aguero get injured it when undergoing exercise with his colleagues. Despite feeling the pain, the former Atletico Madrid striker is still complete training sessions in preparation for the final team.
Sergio Aguero recovery process continues to monitor Citizens, The coach Pep Guardiola. According to Spain it’s film man, Aguero will continue to practice despite not yet know if the future were revealed in a match against Burnley or not.
Sergio Aguero suffered no serious injury. He had few problems in his leg, “explained Guardiola.
If Sergio Aguero unregister appears, it will be a great loss made Manchester City. Because, the 28-year striker contributed to the appearance of the City.
A player named Sergio Leonel Aguero complete del Castillo had 10 appearances and scoring eight goals in the Premier League, 20162017. That number makes Aguero became the most fruitful player at Manchester City.
Chelsea will face Tottenham Hotspur at the weekend of the 13th game of the Premier League at Stamford Bridge, London, Saturday (26/11/1999). Later matches will beprove who owns the strongest rearguards.236
Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur currently occupies the two top-rated teams in the fewest conceded in the Premier League. The Blues recently conceded nine goals, while The Spurs conceded eight goals.
In the current conditions, Chelsea have a better defense than Tottenham Hotspur. Antonio Conte troops it has never conceded in six matches.
Eden Hazard and his friends also recorded six wins streak by scoring 16 goals in thelocal competition. Chelsea are now perched as pemuncak while the Premier Leaguestandings.
Face Tottenham Hotspur, Chelsea will most likely get off with full force. The playersswear by Conte in the formation of the 3-43 certainly ready to play, including striker Diego Costa who currently heads the list of Premier League top scorer.
These benefits occur because Chelsea did not play in the European club competitions. Conte can keep a player’s fitness to stay focused only on local competition.
If there is a great team like Chelsea who cannot play in European competitions, they can prepare the team for a League match. The last time Chelsea play at the end oflast week, “said Pochettino.
“After that game, Chelsea could focus directly to us. It is not the same as the ones we are experiencing. We still have to think of AS Monaco in the Champions League,he said.
Although the opponent was in a resounding performance, Tottenham Hotspur also took notes on the action later. The Lilywhites has a passion for maintaining its status as the only team that has not been unbeatable in the Premier League this season.
Chelsea could break the record good Tottenham Hotspur or Harry Kane and thus friends who would give The Blues defeat Prime while using the formation of 3-43?

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