Prediction Arsenal Vs. Bournemouth at Emirates Stadium

The Manchester United striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic gave support to Henrikh Mkhitaryan to struggle getting the main place in Jose Mourinho‘s team.


Mkhitryan appear when Manchester United face Feyenoord in the UEFA Europa League, Thursday (24/11/1999). The former Borussia Dortmund player contributed to creating three bait creations the fruitful opportunity for you. In addition, he created six shots into the goal Feyenoord all 82 minutes of play on the field.


I know the qualities belonging to Mikhitaryan. I see it every day in practice. I look forward to hopefully he can immediately demonstrate quality to everyone and continue to have confidence doing it, “said Ibrahimovic.


“He had an injury and he has been practicing very hard. It indicates a professional attitude. For Mikhitaryan, you just need to wait for opportunity from coach and whenthat opportunity comes to you, then reach out and do not get off, “he said.


Mkhitaryan could just return derived Jose Mourinho on the game face the AFC Bournemouth on Monday (27/12/2016) at Old Trafford. The coach has the right to decide who will be relegated. If not mistaken, there are about 25 players in the team. The coach is the boss of us, he who decides everything, “added the tall striker Swedenorigin.


Arsenal will entertain Bournemouth at the weekend Premier League 2016-2017, at the Emirates Stadium, Sunday (27/11/1999). The figure of the bomber, Olivier GiroudArsenal will be the main magnet.


Arsenal should not slip again if reluctant to lose his position at the top. ASA source of goals fixed on Giroud. The attackers were on fire after having scored two goals inthe last two games.


The fact the statistics reveal, in eight of the last party, Giroud recorded eight shots on target. It resonated with a collection of seven goals.


In addition, Giround was able to snag 20 of 25 different teams during his career in the Premier League. Uniquely, Bournemouth became one among teams that have not been hacked the France national team striker.


Giroud already meets twice with nil results Bournemouth goal. “I will decide whether or not to display Giroud in action this weekend. I would look at the physical status of every player, including Giroud and some other players, “said Arsene Wenger, Manager of Arsenal.


Wenger admitted could not promise to lower the same squad for every game, including the position of Giroud. He would prioritize the opponent that will be faced, so more markedly.


No easy opponent Bournemouth, because they can do a lot of things though are in the opponent’s headquarters. We need to focus in order to no longer lose points, refer to Wenger.


This time Arsenal were in the 4th position of the standings while Premier League 2016-2017 with a collection of 25 points. Arsenal, coincidentally the three numbers from the pemuncak, Chelsea.
The Chances Of Arsenal


Arsenal‘s chances of reaping the full figure is wide open. Arsenal reaped three wins in three meetings last cons Bournemouth in all competitions. Arsenal capable of slotted 7 touchdowns and once conceded.


In addition, figure pengancam Giroud nets Mesut Ozil is Bournemouth. The midfielder reaped two goals and assists on three of the last game.


Arsenal midfielder Theo Walcott considers meets Bournemouth give the test for Arsenal‘s consistency related games. After the results of a series of cons Manchester United and Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), Arsenal is obliged to react differently in the game versus Bournemouth.


Bournemouth Manager Eddie Howe claiming to be alert to the changing game Arsenal than when dealing with Manchester United and PSG. Arsenal keep specials, and I have no plans to give space for the movement of the host. The action will be hard, but we sure can take the most cons Howe, “stated Wenger.


Failed to win on the last four matches they conceded 5 goals, plus signal danger toHowe. Play yet powerful culture makes them have trouble meladeni the game Arsenal.

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