Diego Costa will be the highest-paid Player in Chelsea

Chelsea, reportedly is The Sun, Wednesday (15/2/2017), will make Diego Costa as the highest-paid players at the Club with a deal amounting to 57 million pounds (approximately USD 949 billion).
Diego Costa joined Atletico Madrid from Chelsea on 1 July 2014. The 28-year-old player was still bound to his contract at Stamford Bridge until June 30, 2019.
According to The Sun, Diego Costa has reached an agreement to extend the contract for five years until 2024, on Tuesday (14/2/2017) local time. Diego Costa reportedly will receive a salary of 220,000 pounds ($ 3.6 billion) per week.241
This deal created after Diego Costa had preached would proceed from Stamford Bridge in the next season. Origin of the attackers that Spain got an offer of 30 millionpounds ($ 496 billion) per year from Tianjin Quanjin, Chinese Super League clubs.
If the news is true, the contract extension Diego Costa will be the highest-paid players at Chelsea. In the meantime, he will go into the five highest-paid players in the Premier League, which is currently controlled by the Manchester United striker, Wayne Rooney (300,000 pounds per week).
At the end of last week, the Chelsea Manager, Antonio Conte, had commented on the future Diego Costa. According to him, If everything is calm now? IYA. Diego Costa was a very important player. The situation is now clear. He is very happy with us.
She is very happy winning the title fight. Whether he will survive with a prolonged period of time? Yes, it seems to me like that. I see it every day and I see his attitudeand commitment within the team. He loves this Club, “Antonio Conte added.
The former Manchester City Manager, Manuel Pellegrini, Pep Guardiola would say appreciate his work while addressing The Citizens after feeling the intense competition in the Premier League.240
Guardiola emerging as suksesor Pellegrini since the 2016-17 season. At the beginning of his arrival at the Club, Ronaldo brings The Citizens reaching the ten winning streak throughout the competition that followed the Club.
Consistency of Manchester City start waning in late September 2016. After being held goalless Celtic FC in the UEFA Champions League (28/9/1999), The Citizens failing to secure victory in the next five games.
Ronaldo should start can appreciate my work while still being Manager of Manchester City. May many parties argued with the arrival of Ronaldo, the Club was able towin the Premier League with 15 points from his rival. However it is not applicable in the United Kingdom, “explained Pellegrini.
There are many who say if Manchester City can achieve success because it has a lot of money. The current conditions are different because of the Club‘s five other rivalsin the Premier League also has the same buying power, “said the coach who currently deal with Hebei China Fortune.
Today, Manchester City hosts Pick the Middle ranked second in the standings while the Premier League. But they left behind eight points from Chelsea who are at the top of the standings.
Despite his status as a world class Manager, Guardiola still difficulties to implementhis strategy in the Premier League alongside Manchester City.
Manchester United’s rumoured Manchester Evening News, will soon give Michael Carrick a new contract. The contract that proves if THY still need manpower Carrick.
Although no longer young, United Kingdom origin players it still became one of theimportant pillars of The Red Devils in the midfield. Carrick appeared in 19 matches,14 of them since the early minutes of play.
Thanks to the contributions of Michael Carrick, Manchester United won 14 victoriesin the entire pageant competition. He contributed one goal plus one assists make Red Devils.
However, the 35-year quarterback contract will expire on June 30, 2017. Look at the performance of Carrick who remains stable, the management of YOURS will soon meet with representatives of the players and discuss about a new contract.
Later, Michael Carrick would get additional contract up to 12 months or until the end of the 2017-2018 season. If talks go well, he will be the 12th season with The RedDevils.
Manchester United bought Michael Carrick from Tottenham Hotspur on 10 June 2006. So far, Carrick has scored 24 goals in 439 appearance throughout the pageant competition. He also helped MU grabbed 15 titles, including five Premier League trophies and one UEFA Champions League.

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