Carragher and Neville’s opinion About the situation of Arsene Wenger

Two United Kingdom Football legend, Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher, praising Manager Arsenal, Arsene Wenger, as reported by the Daily Mail (18/2/2017). Although equally commend Wenger, but Carragher and Neville have different views regarding the fate of the Arsenal Manager.
Carragher the Liverpool player is revealed when Arsene Wenger called as legend after the deal with Arsenal for 21 years. But the status is not a bad achievement covering Wenger went on a couple of seasons. Carragher believes Wenger era alongsideArsenal should already be over.
Arsene Wenger is football legend of the United Kingdom, he revolutionized the game here. Wenger creates great team containing players who will still be remembered up to 30-40 years, “said Carragher.
The legend Status should not make us blind eye would be a bad outcome has reached some of the final season. When you see a match against Bayern Munich (losing5-1 Arsenal), I am convinced that it is high time Wenger withdrew from Arsenal, “said Carragher.Should Son Heung-min became a Pure Striker?
On another occasion, the former Manchester United captain, Gary Neville, also expressed his views about the condition of Wenger when Arsenal joint discussions with the Club’s supporters group.
Arsene Wenger is a tremendous Manager, she should have won over supporters ofArsenal. I don’t agree with banners Wenger Out ‘, the man who spread it is a fool.You guys (supporters of Arsenal) will regret it had forced him to go, “said Neville.
“Compare with the player, if a Sequin like to go from West Ham, we understand when angry supporters. But if John Terry who has given everything for Chelsea for 20 years, does he deserve to be humiliated through banners? Of course not, “continuedthe former United Kingdom national team Defender.
In conclusion, both the former players admit the history written Arsene Wenger forArsenal. But Carragher and Neville agreed if Wenger era along with Arsenal must end, however the Manager nicknamed The Professor is entitled to better treatment from the supporters of The Gunners.Should Son Heung-min became a Pure Striker?
The Manchester United manager, Jose Mourinho, ensuring his team going down with the best players of the moment meet Blackburn on the fifth round of the FA Cup.
Mourinho never experience less enjoyable when it is still the Manager of Chelsea. In the 2004-2005 season, Mourinho is deliberately lowering the players Chelsea upholstery competed against Newcastle United. As a result, Chelsea capitulated with a score of 0-1 through goals scored Patrick Kluivert.
Origin of the Portugal Manager confessed that he intentionally store the best playerbecause of Chelsea will face a heavy match.
“I took off the match against Newcastle because we had to against Barcelona (Champions League) and Liverpool (League Cup) in the same week. Although the results we managed to beat Barcelona and won the League Cup, my feeling is very bad, “saidMourinho.
Since then I have never sacrificed the match. We lose if our opponents better or wedon’t play well, “continued Mourinho.
Mourinho admitted it will not play the entire players against Saint-Etienne. Yet he promised to bring down the entire player.
Will I be serious? Of course. But I will not lose the same team against Saint-Etienne.We will lose a strong team because Manchester United would like to win all the matches, “said Mourinho.
Manchester United will be a trip to Blackburn Rovers, Ewood Park, the fifth round ofmatches to go through the FA Cup. In this season, Manchester United is still desperate to keep the title in the Premier League, League Cup, FA Cup and the Europa League.

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