Conte: my job in Chelsea is not to appease the Players

The Chelsea Manager, Antonio Conte, declaring its main task when being in Chelseais the Club’s victory ushers, not to appease the players with their how to play in every game.


Conte came to Chelsea at the start of the 2016-17 season. The Manager of the origin of Italy has a tough task to bring The Blues back to the top after briefly slumped in 2015-16.


Conte‘s strategy and preparing any formation that he values match the scheme of the game. The savory Conte made some former residents of the main squad was eliminated and had to receive status as a coating.

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Some of the players Chelsea displaced from the main squad was John Terry and Cesc Fabregas. Terry status as captain of the team the final phase along the middle of the live club that he‘s been fighting for more than 18 years, whereas Fabregas more often start the game from the bench.


The decision to invite the Conte‘s statements from a number of observers of football in the United Kingdom. Not a few who think if Conte forget service that was givenboth players to Chelsea.


But Conte gave a firm statement if the current team’s victory is more important thanindividual happiness.


My main Task is to bring Chelsea victory, not to appease the rest of players in the Club. I would feel happier if Chelsea win, not lose, and 21 players happy.


The players can find happiness with going to the theater or by watching the film.


I appreciate their (Chelsea’s players) as I want to be appreciated. My room‘s door is always open to the players, because I want to be honest to them, “said Conte.


The Manager‘s decision proved effective. Without the presence of Terry or Striker, Chelsea successfully entrenched at the top of the standings while the Premier Leaguewith eight points over his closest rivals, Manchester City.


This time, Chelsea preparing face Woverhampton Wanderers at Molineux Stadium on match of the fifth round of the FA Cup (18/2/2017). Chelsea a chance to repeat the achievement the Club in season 2009-10 when double majored with find their FA Cup and Premier League trophies.


Manchester City will be a trip to the John Smith’s Stadium to host against Huddersfield Town in the fifth round of the FA Cup season 2016-2017, Saturday (18/2/2017).Manchester City is obligated to maintain the momentum of their resurrection by way of victory on the game.


The defeat 0-4 at the headquarters of Everton, Goodison Park, on the weekend of the 21st Premier League (15/1/2017), became a turning point for Manchester City. Onthe next weekend (21/1/2017), The Citizens rose up and holding Tottenham Hotspur draw 2-2 at Etihad Stadium.


After the draw against Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester City had a positive note with a clean sweep of victories in four matches of their lives. In addition, the Manchester City goalkeeper who guarded the entry of only one Caballero Willy goals.


As a result, Manchester City climbed into second position standings while the Premier League. However, The Citizens are still lags behind eight figures from Chelsea who tops the standings.


The positive trend is not only home to Manchester City. Huddersfield Town‘s just swallowed one draw and two defeats of the last 15 games of the competition all their lives.


Huddersfield Town a chance to ride any caste to the Premier League next season. Although the status of Club Promotion Division Championship, foster care David Wagner that was able to remain in third place in the standings while the Division Championship.

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Note the determination of the players and Huddersfield Town earned him from Barcelona. Origin Spain Manager asks the child asuhnya featuring the best in order advance to the next stage.


Huddersfield are in a good moment nowadays. They performed very well and haveconfidence that high. There is a rugby Stadium in them, so we can imagine the condition of the field, “said Guardiola.


However, it’s a final for us. There are no second chances in the domestic Cup competition. You drove or was eliminated from the competition. We are ready to fight and qualify for the quarterfinals, “exclaimed the Manager of origin Spain.


Wagner noticed the quality of the Huddersfield Town with Manchester City. He alsotried to be realistic by acknowledging excellence owned Manchester City. But he guarantees if skuatnya will strive to show the best performance.


“When up against Manchester City, whether realistic Huddersfield will win? In my opinion, it is not at all realistic. Is it possible? That’s probably because this is football and no one knows the outcome before the game started, “said Wagner.


We are still berparstipasi in the pageant and was pleased. We are definitely going to try and give the best to achieve success, “said the Manager.

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