Gundogan: Manchester City Can Still Be Champions Of Premier League

Manchester City midfielder, Ilkay Gundogan, admitted his team hard chasing the season Premier League standings pemuncak 2016-2017, Chelsea. However, The Citizens have not yet stated Gundogan is desperate to fight won the Premier League.
Manchester City start their Premier League season 2016-2017 with a note. Josep Guardiola crime squads that had perched on the top of the standings before moved to Chelsea in November 2016.
It looks difficult chasing Chelsea failed eight figures, but everything is possible in the United Kingdom,” said Gundogan, as reported by Eurosport.
“Throughout this season feels like a rollercoaster. Our first very well and almost broke the record, then our performance is declining, “said Gundogan.
“We again developed in some domestically even though it doesn’t always play well,” added Germany national team midfielder.
Manchester City now occupy second position standings while Premier League season 2016-2017 by eight figures from Chelsea. The Citizens were preparing to face Huddersfield Town in the FA Cup fifth round matches to be played on Saturday (18/2/2017).Placeholder Image
Former Liverpool midfielder Steve McManaman, foster care, judge Jurgen Klopp would suffer a disaster if it fails to finish in the Premier League standings, the big four season 2016-2017.
Currently, The Reds only focus in the Premier League. McManaman believes the players will refuse to leave Anfield in Liverpool on the sidelines at the Champions League next season.
“If the big four finish, they (Liverpool) could be considered a success. When finish fifth, sixth, seventh or even eighth as last season, would be a bit of a disaster because they were knocked out of the two domestic competitions in January, “said McManaman.
“The gamble with the UEFA Champions League. There is no reason at this time. There is only one game in a week, they have 15 days from the last game to the next, “exclaimed McManaman.
Liverpool’s absence from European competition after the finish of the eighth Premier League standings 2015-2016. Jordan Henderson and colleagues too have been knocked out of the FA Cup and the League Cup, United Kingdom on January 2017.
“There is a lot of time off, recharge and restore physical condition. There is no reason for Jurgen Klopp. He needs to finish in the position of the big four or the burdenof pressure will start she felt, “said McManaman.
“If the occupying the position of the big four, your target in a stock transfer will be much better because they want to join Liverpool,” he said.
Liverpool still have hope to secure the position of the big four in the Premier League standings, 2016-2017 season. Currently, The Reds occupy fifth position with 49 points or be embedded a number of Arsenal who inhabit the fourth or last position the Champions League zone.Placeholder Image
Chelsea and Wolverhampton Wanderers will face each other in the FA Cup fifth round match at Molineux Stadium, Saturday (28/1/2017). The Manager of The Blues, Antonio Conte, had a special mission to double majored in this season with The Blues.
Chelsea are still firmly on the top of the standings while the Premier League with a collection of 60 points from 25 matches they already undertake. In addition to the coveted title of the Premier League, The Blues also hopes to collect the FA Cup title will make them double majored in the 2016-17 season.
In a match against Wolverhampton, Conte predicted the best squads will play Chelsea. It aims to smooth the step The Blues cruised to the next round.
But it does not cover the possibility to lose some young players so that they have the experience of playing with the first team. One player who could appear in doubt is the team captain, John Terry, who is in a condition that does not fit.
London forces have good capital ahead of his visit there to Wolverhampton. Troops of Antonio Conte has an unbeatable record in the last seven games at the various event.
This competition is very important for Chelsea. We are determined to qualify to the next round for the sake of the loyal supporter of the team, “said Conte.
“I always want to win every competition with the team‘s me every season. It will not be easy, given the competition in the League and FA Cup are equally formidable, “continued the Manager of origin Italy.
Different conditions experienced Wolverhampton in persiapannnya face Chelsea. The mentality of the team nicknamed the Wolves were less good condition in the Middle after suffering three consecutive defeats in the competition Division of the Championship.
That fact compounded with the absence of a number of players pilarnya. Michal Zyro, Jordan Graham and Mike Williamson certainly can’t defend Wolverhampton. It is troubling that Paul Lambert‘s team to make a surprise as they did against Liverpoolat the end of last January.

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